I had a friend that purchased a “TCL NXTWEAR G”, that is a passive smart glasses.
Passive, because more than some sensors (claimed by the company however we never got successfully access to sensor data or API) on it and a display, it doesn't have any sort of computer on it, and you have to connect it to another device such as a computer or phone. 

The server device (phone or computer or …) has to be able to serve video over USB-Type-C directly or via convertors.

Convertors/adaptors, Such as  Basesailor HDMI Male output to USB-C Female input Cable Adaptor with USB Power Cable.

We purchased one from (not at that time, but now we double-checked it, and it's available on as well

In fact, that is a general convertor for a display that has a USB-C input and the other end will be connected to a device such as a computer that has HDMI out put.

If both devices are capable of video over USB-C then there is no need for such a convertor.

It also works with Xreal Air, Nreal air, Steam Deck Dock, PS5, Xbox. based on the advertisement on Amazon website for this item.  Even the image shows that one side of the cable is connected to the glasses, that in this case doesnt look that it is “TCL NXTWEAR G”, but it looks like it is xreal or nreal. however, as protocols are absolutely similar that will work with “TCL NXTWEAR G”  as well

 “Loryi HDMI to USB-C Cable that we haven't tested that, but it looks very like an appropriate convertor.